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Jennifer Ragan - Jen

The Flesh Collector

Started by aphasic on Mar. 11 2008, edited by laura doom on Jan. 6 2012, with Stephan Anstey, Leanne Hanson, Jennifer Ragan

aka Structural Deficit Redaction? [an entirely objective supplement to a recent discussion subject]

9 contributions, including:

Then I might well have made it Derma - you should get a new supplier :>
By aphasic on Mar. 14 2008

It's good and dead, long live zombie poetry.

Started by Leanne Hanson on Dec. 22 2008, with Laurie Blum, Melden Fred, Jennifer Ragan, Suter Bill

24 contributions, including:

Excellent -- thanks Derma. If you ever have need of a research assistant, I'll be the first to feign incredulity

So, fixed as in 'not easily (re)moved', presumably (loosely, or even metaphorically) applied to a process that is not easy (or is impossible, to the extent of current knowledge/ability) to be reversed -- like the scrambling of an egg/microwaving of pets/denaturing of proteins, or birth (ouch) & ultimately death?

By laura doom on Dec. 8 2009

To criticise

Started by Leanne Hanson on Sep. 29 2009, with Stephan Anstey, Colleen Sperry, Jennifer Ragan, ZiGGY

15 contributions, including:

'equal plain' -- tee hee.

Of course, the whole thing's complete garbage.

Ha! Only joking -- it's utterly sublime.

© L Doom 1895 BCE

By laura doom on Nov. 28 2009


Started by Colleen Sperry on Oct. 20 2009, with Laurie Blum, Jennifer Ragan, Dan Caldwell

4 contributions, including:

and the leaves shall cry out, with the winds moving tempo

no longer held by stillness, to their fallen estate.

Loved this poem! very nice




By Dan Caldwell on Nov. 1 2009

Like a Leaf

Started by Jennifer Ragan on Oct. 12 2009, with Leanne Hanson

We'd never have decent flowers without good compost   Rather than "upon the mercy and whim", it's more correct to say "at the mercy and whim".  I'm not sure you need to say "something" that can't be seen or touched, it's unnecessary, what about "at the mercy and whim of that which can't be seen or touched"?

By Leanne Hanson on Oct. 16 2009

Wishing Pole

Started by Jennifer Ragan on Sep. 12 2009, edited by Jennifer Ragan on Sep. 12 2009

I've been laying low and out of sorts. This is the first thing I've written in a while.


Started by Stephan Anstey on Mar. 31 2009, with Jennifer Ragan

3 contributions, including:

Hi Stephan, 

Long time no chat, hope all is well.

Simple ain't so simple but when it's done well, it's simply beautiful.  Like this:)

By Jennifer Ragan on Sep. 12 2009

Originality- Does it Exist

Started by Celticlion on May 5 2008, with Stephan Anstey, Laurie Blum, Colleen Sperry, Jennifer Ragan, Fractured Muse, ...

If it's all been said and done before, than what are any of us doing

13 contributions, including:

Very interesting topic.  I think back when I wasn't aware of certain "writing faults", and I was much more prolific and maybe a bit more creative too.  I didn't think about cliche's, forced rhyme, broken meter, or what's been done before, I just wrote to write. Sometimes thinking too much about what poetry should or shouldn't be can stifle the whole writing process. Still, it's important to learn the basics, and about what good writing is, even though it might feel a bit stifling.   I do think that true originality exists, and it happens when you read poetry from poets who have taken something common and made the reader see, feel, or view something in a way unexpected or new.  To illustrate this, I always go back to Ranier Maria Rilke and his poem:

"The Panther"

His vision, from the constantly passing bars,
has grown so weary that it cannot hold
anything else. It seems to him there are
a thousand bars; and behind the bars, no world.

As he paces in cramped circles, over and over,
the movement of his powerful soft strides
is like a ritual dance around a center
in which a mighty will stands paralyzed.

Only at times, the curtain of the pupils
lifts, quietly--. An image enters in,
rushes down through the tensed, arrested muscles,
plunges into the heart and is gone.

Rainer Maria Rilke


By sinnaminsun on Jul. 11 2009

yes no yes no yes no maybe

Love pens itself

Started by norm on May 28 2008, with Shannon McEwen, Jennifer Ragan, Fractured Muse

6 contributions, including:

this is beautiful.

Sometimes I wonder if men and women really suit each other. Perhaps they should live next door and just visit now and then.
By Fractured Muse on Jul. 10 2009


Started by Jen on Oct. 7 2008, edited by Jennifer Ragan on Apr. 10 2009, with Stephan Anstey, Norm milliken, Suter Bill

6 contributions, including:

Perhaps the green

that seems obscene

will paint the lawn

it's dribbled on

and cause a rose

to swiftly grow

that doesn't smell a bit


By rws on Oct. 11 2008

Forked Tongue

Started by Jennifer Ragan on Dec. 23 2008, with Norm milliken, Suter Bill

3 contributions, including:

Is the change the spacing in line #2?  Whatever, I really like this.  You've managed to say a lot with so very little.  Kudos to you!

By norm milliken on Jan. 4 2009

The Creepy Christmas Creeper

Started by Jennifer Ragan on Dec. 14 2008, with Suter Bill

Happy Holidays:)

was the creeper

in a sleeper?

did the parents

opt to keep her?

By Suter Bill on Dec. 23 2008

A Question about Poets and Poetry.

Started by anstey on Mar. 4 2008, with Leanne Hanson, Mercieca, Andrew, Rene Jones, Catherine, Cat, Jennifer Ragan, ...

I'm serious. This really is about poetry.

39 contributions, including:

Is that code for colonic irritation?

By aphasic on Jul. 26 2008

Anyone Else Enjoying "Watch"

Started by anstey on May 28 2007, edited by anstey on Nov. 1 2008, with Jennifer Ragan

Seriously, that's the thing that's helping me most.

3 contributions, including:

if you want to 'forget'

- stephan
By anstey on May 28 2007

Fathoming the serious mysteries in every boring person

Started by anstey on Sep. 22 2008, with Leanne Hanson, Jennifer Ragan

6 contributions, including:

I'm the most boring person on the planet and I really like this.

By Jen on Sep. 29 2008


Started by anstey on June 25 2008, with Mercieca, Andrew, Laurie Blum, Ruth Elliott, Julie Ann Cook, Colleen Sperry, ...

I really don't know how to deal with it sometimes.

19 contributions, including:

I have a 16 year old son and a 13 year old daughter.  They are both inhuman and today is the first day of summer vacation.  Please pray for me.

By Jen on Jul. 1 2008

On the Radio at 7:05 EST

Started by anstey on Apr. 8 2008, with Leanne Hanson, Laurie Blum, Jennifer Ragan, Jones, Paganini

Well it's happening again, my friends at WUML invited me to come talk poetry with them.

4 contributions, including:

You are the king of media:)  GO STEPHAN!
By Jen on Apr. 9 2008


Started by anstey on Mar. 5 2008, with Leanne Hanson, Colleen Sperry, Rene Jones, Jennifer Ragan, W, Emeya, ...

7 contributions, including:

I like the images you created, especially the fish swimming beneath the frozen pond. 


By Jen on Mar. 7 2008

rictameter winter

Simian Winners Announced!

Started by anstey on Jul. 30 2008, with Leanne Hanson, Mercieca, Andrew, Laurie Blum, Colleen Sperry, Jennifer Ragan, ...

Congratulations to the new Simian Award Winners!

Third prize went to "Ladies’ View", by Bruce W. Niedt

Second Prize went to "Old Fat Man With Book" by Richard Taylor

And the first prize went to "Telling the Bees" by Kath Wilson

To read these poems, please buy the magazine!

7 contributions, including:

Very merry confabulations to y'all. I have the magazine and it looks sublime. - poetry , cover art, even the publisher's note merits its place, right at the back. [sniggle]

I'm all admiration [despite being under headphones - having no musical taste to scream of, I am sliming in the face of adversity, or perhaps absurdity]

A huge simianulated ellipse of applause for Kath, Richard and Bruce and their respective therapists :>

By aphasic on Aug. 19 2008

Snowed in

Started by anstey on Mar. 2 2008, with Colleen Sperry, Jennifer Ragan

5 contributions, including:

This is really good Stephan:)
By Jen on Mar. 3 2008
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